The 3rd Birthday - ISO PSP USA Version [Complete With Hints & Cheats]

X7Cinema Share Entertainment
Game Info:
Release Date: 22 Dec 2010 (JP)
Publiser: Square Enix
Genres: Sci-Fi | Shooter
Format: ISO File
Size: 1,29GB
Ratings: 9.2


X7Cinema Share Entertainment
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 [MF]

Alternative Link: HotFile Server

Alternative Link II: MegaUpload
Password: igunz

*Hints and Cheats:
[Glitches ]……..[ Free Cheat Unlocking - After you finish the game once you will be allowed to start a new game plus.
Start it and you will have the ability to unlock some cheats in the pause cheat menu with your BP.
To unlock one or both for free, unlock them and then without saving, reload the new game plus file again.
The game will restart with your original BP, but your unlocked cheat will remain unlocked.

[Unlockables Assist Codes: ]
- Countless Ammo ]……..[ Beat the game ten times in any mode.
- Free Cross Fire ]……..[ Beat the game in any mode.
- High Regen ]……..[ Beat the game in any mode.

[Extra Ending Scene after Credits ]……..[ Clear the game twice

[Game Modes: ]
- Deadly Mode ]……..[ Beat the game in Hard Mode
- Genocide Mode ]……..[ Beat the game in Deadly Mode

[Music Files ]……..[ Music files - Successfully complete the game twice in any mode.

[Special Weapons: ]
- Blaze Edge ]……..[ Complete the game once in any mode and have at least 7 Stamps on Square-Enix Member Site.
- M240B ]……..[ Beat the game twice in Hard Mode
- M249 ]……..[ Beat the game in any mode
- Mk.46 Mod0 ]……..[ Beat the game in Normal Mode
- Pile Bunker ]……..[ Unlock and purchase all weapons and weapon parts in the game.

[Unlockable Costumes: ]
- Apron Dress Costume ]……..[ Complete the game on Easy Mode.
- Business Suit Costume ]……..[ Complete the game once on any mode. The Costume is found in the CTI Building in the left hand locker room.
- China Dress Costume ]……..[ Complete the game on Normal Mode.
- Knight Armor Costume ]……..[ Complete the game on Deadly Mode.
- Lightning Custom Costume ]……..[ Complete the game once on any mode and have at least 7 Stamp on Square-Enix Member Site.
- OD Suit Costume Complete ]……..[ the game once on any Mode and have at least 1 Stamp on Square-Enix Member Site.
- Santa Soldier Costume ]……..[ Complete the game once on any Mode. You'll find it in Maeda's Base, down the stairs to the lockers, check the left one for the Costume.
- Swim Wear Costume ]……..[ Complete the game on Hard Mode.
- Titanium Bunny Costume ]……..[ Complete the game on Genocide Mode.

[Unlockable Outfits US Version - The non Japanese versions of the game possess different requirements to get certain outfits: ]
- Lightning Custom ]……..[ Complete 57 total feats from Hard, Deadly, and Insane Difficulty combined.
- OD Suit ]……..[ Complete the game 5 times.

[View All Full Motion Videos ]……..[ Video Log Successfully - Complete the game

[Easter Eggs ]……..[ Shower Scene - Clear the game 50 times to unlock the shower scene in video log.
Then view the scene in video log 10 times.
After that you can change the camera angle to her back.

[How to Defeat Lizard With Tank ]……..[If you have stress to defeat Lizard with tank in Genocite Mode that maybe you use cheats after all (but did not working inside tank), you can use my advice - Shoot only they tail dont shoot they head or other target, if you shoot they tail you can delay their attack to your tank. So you have time to hit the boss. Trust me.

Click for Cheats: (USA and Euro Version) Has Been Tested.

*Password for MediaFire: igunz
(Skip The Ads While Downloading)
-= Sinopsis =-
The protagonist, Aya, is a CTI special agent in New York City who has the unique ability to use a system called "overdrive," which allows her to inhabit the body of someone else. The demo set us up in Episode One: The Past, where Aya is at a dance club right before an attack. It is December 24, 2012, and the enemy is known as the Twisted, an organic life-form that seems to spawn out of portals and come up from underground. Once the club cleared out, we were thrust into what seemed like a boss battle with one of the grotesque creatures from the trailer. At a glance, it looked like an overgrown piranha, but with long tentacles and a huge mouth that shoots harmful, spiked explosives.

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